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At Your Glass or Mine (YGOM), we are focused on evolving the way that people experience wine by creating inclusive spaces that invite people to explore and learn about wine in new, unique ways. We curate timeless events that make wine consuming approachable yet fun.

Our desire is to break away from the monotony of traditional wines tastings and empower our guests to interpret wine in relatable terms that make sense for them. Through community and connection, we build confidence and use wine to bring people together for an unforgettable time.



Mark your calendars YGOM is going on the road again. Details coming in July!



Pop-up tasting

The wait is over! The Sip Back is returning this summer.



The Sip Back

Ready to sip and ride? Check out this fun two hour guided wine tasting experience on wheels.



Wine pedal Party


YGOM Wine Pedal Party

Join me for a bike bar wine tasting. We'll explore canned wines, listen to good music, play games, and take a tour of local murals.

Stay tuned

I'll be hosting my second pop-up wine tasting in August. Can you guess what city I'll be in next? More details coming in July.

Pop-Up Tasting

stay tuned

Get ready to celebrate Summer Solstice with our June Flight Night. The new region will be announced June 1.

Pop-up Tasting



stay tuned

The wait is over! The Sip Back is returning this summer. Tickets will go on sale in June.

The sip back




Ready to sip and ride? Check out this fun two hour wine tasting experience on wheels.

Wine Pedal Party





Learn how to travel with YGOM.



Ready for your next wine

I get wine-gry (just a little bit of an attitude) if I don’t get to do something wine-related when I travel. It’s a must…just ask my friends. It doesn’t matter if it’s a domestic or international trip. I’m going to find a wine experience to check out.

Forget designer handbags and shoes, I rack up receipts buying wine.

If you have to order wine for me, a Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir is going to be your best bet.

Natural wine is my jam.

I prefer white wine over red.

5 fun wine facts ABOUT ME

I’m the creator and chief experience officer of Your Glass or Mine. I’m a California girl at heart, but currently reside in Houston, Texas. Over the past 10 plus years, I’ve built a career in corporate public relations while exploring my passion for wine on the side. I began YGOM in 2015 as a blog and it has been exciting to see it evolve into its purpose.

I like to say that I turned a habit into a hobby and now a business. It brings me great joy to make my own unique mark in the world of wine. Outside of wine, I enjoy yoga, hiking, traveling, visiting art museums, Pinterest boarding things that I’ll never try, and watching old 80s/90s family sitcoms.

ty Morrison

The face behind the glass

I’ve had the best experience with YGOM! So many positive experiences I don’t know where to start. When I first started drinking wine I was all about sweet reds and Rieslings. YGOM really helped me venture out to more bold tasting wines by educating me on different kinds of varietals and flavors to look for when tasting different wines. I continue to read the blog to look for the next best thing out there! 

I have even had private tastings and events with YGOM. YGOM did a wine and whiskey tasting for my bridal shower and then again for my husband and I—catering to different areas in the world that I wanted to learn more about when it came to wine and the same for whiskey as well! Thanks to YGOM, I am constantly learning new things on my wine journey and I love how Ty makes wine relatable to my everyday life. It is the perfect match for the college girl, soccer mom, entrepreneur, and more. YGOM can relate to anyone’s wine journey. I can’t wait to see what is next for the brand.


I've always been intimidated by wine. It felt overwhelming, especially when it came to determining what wine I liked or pairing wine with food. YGOM has made wine easier and more approachable. Learning more from YGOM helped me to find wines that I find enjoyable and I've even toured wineries. Thank you YGOM for helping me on my wine journey! 


When I first started drinking wine, I was very much that “Moscato girl.” It had to be sweet and white. A whole mess, I know! Following “Your Glass or Mine,” by reading the earlier blog, attending YGOM hosted wine events, and following the IG page, has completely transformed my palette. But more than that, it’s inspired me to try new things and explore more about myself through wine.

C. White 

My taste for a broader variety of wines has grown thanks in great part to product reviews and blog posts from Your Glass or Mine. I never feel like I’m reading a textbook about wine or how to choose wine when I’m reading a YGOM write-up. The material is always presented in a down-to-earth, witty, and relatable manner. I’ve been introduced to varietals I probably never would have come across on my own. What I like about the YGOM brand is the way it offers readers more than just the science behind wine and winemaking, it creates opportunities for genuine socialization amongst both emerging and expert wine lovers.