Ty’s March Wine Picks

Mar 9, 2020

ty morrison


It’s my birthday month! **hits body roll**

You know, I love a good birthday! I was all prepared to celebrate in Italy, but unfortunately the trip has been postponed due to this little thing called the Coronavirus.

It’s all good because one virus won’t stop the show! I’m still determined to have THEE BEST birthday month ever starting with some of my favorite wines for my March wine picks.


2017 Mt. Beautiful Sauvignon Blanc; North Canterbury, New Zealand  ($21)

I first tried Mt. Beautiful Sauvignon Blanc a couple years ago in Dallas and loved it! I was so happy to see that it’s sold here in Houston at Premier Fine Wine and Spirits. The aromas on this Sauv Blanc are a bit deceiving, but in a good way. The mix of tropical/citrus fruits and grassiness on the nose would have you 99.9 percent Maury Povich sure that this was a traditional New Zealand Sauv Blanc, but wait it’s the Mt. Beautiful remix!

Just when you thought that Sauvignon Blanc couldn’t get any better. This wine finds a way to push the boundaries. For one, the grassy notes aren’t as heavy on the palate as you would get in a Sauv Blanc from the Marlborough region of New Zealand. Instead the citrus flavor is more dominant, but not at all overbearing. In fact, it’s so smooth (and surprisingly creamy) that you barely even notice any of the acidity or minerality in the finish. As spring approaches, this is a nice, crisp white to enjoy.


2018 Left Coast Estate White Pinot Noir; Willamette Valley, Oregon ($24)

I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day! This is one of the best ways that I can describe the fact that there is such a thing as White Pinot Noir. This wine gives me all the feels, so shout out to whoever discovered this masterpiece.

The 2018 Left Coast White Pinot Noir has hints of floral and red cherry on the nose. I’d say this White Pinot is semi-sweet. You get a lot of the fruit flavors, such as green apple, pear, and citrus on the front end. Like the Sauv Blanc, it’s very smooth with a hint of minerality and almost feels like air on your tongue. It ends with a crisp, dry finish of lasting sweet, tart fruit. If you’re a regular Pinot fan, you should definitely try this style.


2018 Bodegas Cueva Orange Tardana & Macabeo; Spain, D.O. Utiel-Requena ($34)

I actually stumbled across this beauty on Saturday at Light Years Natural Wine Shop and Bar in Houston. This is an all natural, organic wine and as you can see it’s orange!!

This is an “orange” style wine — which does not mean it is made with oranges, rather it is a white wine made with partial skin contact contact, resulting in the deepening of color and addition of texture, structure and flavor. It’s made with Macabeo (40 percent) and Tardana (60 percent) varieties—both white grapes from Spain. This wine has aromas of peach, honey, and orange zest. It has some complex, funky fruit flavors, but overall is very satisfying. Another great springtime find.

All of these wines are great and I hope you take some time to check them out this month. Let me know what you think. Until next time…glasses up!


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