Introducing The Sip Back

Dec 12, 2021

ty morrison


Last month, I announced on Instagram that Your Glass or Mine was evolving from a blog into a business focused on curating memorable wine experiences. My goal is to create events that make wine consuming more approachable and fun.

So, What Exactly is The Sip Back?

I’m so excited to introduce YGOM’s new signature event series called The Sip Back, which will be held once a quarter. An ode to the old school “kick back,” The Sip Back provides an informal yet intimate setting for people to gather and experience wine in its purest form–accompanied by great conversation and good company. Centered around its own unique them, each event will invited guests to try affordable, high quality wines from small producers while participating in fun conversation starters.

Let’s Get the Party Started!

On November 13, I hosted the first Sip Back at a very chic private residence. I couldn’t think of a better theme than “Wine with Friends” as I celebrated the launch and YGOM’s new direction with some of my favorite Houston peeps. The vibe was grown and sexy as guests were greeted with a glass of Sparkling Almond wine from our sponsor Wilson Creek Winery. Guests were able to mix and mingle and nosh on hor d’oevres. A huge shout out to my friend Angie who helped make a lot of the food. And, speaking of nosh, my friend Eboni Hayes, who is the owner of Nosh’d (@noshd_atx) an Austin-based lifestyle brand, created customized charcuteries cones that were the hit of the event. We then gathered for a wine tasting followed by a very heated (yet fun) conversation around current events. Let’s just say some of my guests were very passionate.

The Featured Wines

Guests had the opportunity to try four different wines throughout the evening. As I mentioned before, we kicked off the events with the Sparkling Almond wine. The remaining wines were featured during the wine tasting portion. In selecting wines for the event, I wanted to introduce my guests to new wine producers and also pick wines that would cater to various palates. You’ll see that there was a wine for everyone.

Wilson Creek Winery & Vineyard – Almond Sparkling Wine (Sponsor)

Wilson Creek is a family-owned winery based in Temecula, California. Their Almond Sparkling wine has been one of my favorites for years. Not too many people, especially here in Houston, are familiar with this type of sparkling wine. It has a unique taste. It’s not too sweet and its not too dry. You can definitely enjoy it without adding anything to it. There are notes of vanilla with hints of toasted almonds. It’s very light and refreshing. Plus, it’s very affordable at only $13 at Total Wine. If you want to impress your guests with a different type of bubbly, this is definitely the one. This was a fan favorite amongst guests.

E|3 Wines – Riesling (Sponsor)

I discovered E|3 Wines on Instagram. I loved the mission behind the brand and how they are using their wine platform to educate, elevate, and evolve (E3) the conversation around the injustices that people of color face following the murder of George Floyd. They currently offer an old vine Riesling from Sagemoor Dionysus. I’m not a big Riesling drinker, but think of it as a good transition white, which I knew my guests would appreciate. I had never tried their wine before, but let me tell you theirs is probably thee best Riesling I’ve ever tasted…and I’m not just saying that! E3’s take on Riesling is amazing. There are aromas of key lime and stone fruits like peaches and nectarines. Riesling can be either dry or sweet. I think most people think of the latter. I appreciated this particular Riesling because it’s a nice balance between the two styles. You get a touch of sweetness that’s complimentary to the citrus flavors and acidity from the wine. Let’s just say my guests were very impressed. You can purchase E|3 Wines Riesling on their website for $25.

Divine Tingz – Moscato (Sponsor)

I love the story behind Deouna Davis’ Divine Tingz brand. She is a young entrepreneur who just launched her own wine. She wanted to create a beverage that could be consumed during celebrations or simply to relax with after a long day. Named and inspired after her daughter, Divine Tingz currently offers Bailee Blu, a moscato-based wine. And, did I mention that it is blue? Bailee Blu is filled with lots of tropical flavors. Guests were able to meet Deouna and hear her story. It was such a treat to have Deouna there in-person. You can visit her IG page @divinetingz_ to purchase her wine.

Selene Cuvee de Printemps – Gamay

And last but not least, I needed a red to round out the line-up. I wanted to select a lighter red with the holidays approaching. I also wanted to introduce my guests to a varietal that they may not be as familiar with so I went with a Gamay. This particular one is driven by dark fruit flavors and had a bit of a mineral edge. I heard some guests comment that they weren’t particularly a fan of the aromas on this red, but enjoyed the taste. I found this Gamay at The Heights Grocer, a local wine shop in Houston for about $25…I think.

So, there you have it…a snapshot of The Sip Back. Check out the recap video on Instagram. I couldn’t have asked for a better launch event. Good people, great wine fund conversation….a memorable experience indeed. Thank you to all of the wine sponsors!! Stay tuned for the next Sip Back. I’m announcing the next date and theme on Monday, December 13 on my Instagram page. Until next time…glasses up!


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