Ty’s April Wine Picks

Apr 8, 2020

ty morrison


Captain’s Log…we’re going into week four of the Covid-19 pandemic here in the U.S. At minimum, we have another 23 days of sheltering-in-place, but more than likely more days will be added. I honestly have no reason to complain. I’m healthy (as far as I know), have a job, I’m able to work-from-home, and I have food in my fridge. However, I will say that my anxiety levels are high. The U.S. is really going through it right now. I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve been drinking more wine as a result. It probably shouldn’t be my first coping mechanism, but wine has definitely gotten me through some stressful days. *queues Golden Girls ‘Thank You for Being a Friend’* Raise a glass if you can relate! 

One of the plus sides of all this craziness is that local wine bars have been selling wine by the bottle at discounted prices. I’ve actually been stocking up on a lot of cool, new wines for my personal collection. This is wine that you can’t find at a grocery store. In fact, I think my taste in wine is starting to change. I’ve been drinking a lot of natural, unfiltered wines lately. They’re sooooo good. I may need someone to build me a cellar when this is all eventually over. I actually just did another wine haul yesterday. You can say that I’m trying to do my part to help keep these wine bars in business. April’s wine picks are a mix of what I’m calling my quarantine finds. Check them out below!

2018 Angelo Negro Vino Bianco ($20)

First up, we have this Vino Bianco from Piedmont, Italy. What I love about this unfiltered white is that it’s very eclectic. It’s very aromatic with notes of yellow apple, grapefruit and citrus blossoms. On the palate, you’ll get some of that funky minerality that gives it a little fun kick. This is not your average white wine, which is why I’m such a big fan.

**I bought this wine discounted at Camerata Wine Bar. I’m not sure of the actual price.

2017 Domaine Weinbach Gewurztraminer ($40)

Two things. Gewurztraminer (guh-voo rts-truh-mee-ner) is one of the hardest wines to pronounce. I always stumble trying to say it. And second, Gerwurztraminer is underrated. I always forget about it. This particular one was made in Alsace, France with organic and biodynamic farming techniques. On the nose, you’ll get aromas of roses and white tea with a hint of pepper. While this is a dry white, there is a touch of sweetness midway through that gives it a long, nice finish.

2018 Broc Cellars KouKou Cabernet Franc ($28)

I love Broc Cellars. They have a tasting room in Berkeley that I always try to visit when I’m in town. I was so excited to see 13 Celsius selling it here in Houston. This is another natural wine. It’s 100 percent Cabernet Franc and made in Santa Ynez up in Santa Barbara County. This red has beautiful aromas of red berry fruits with a hint of lavender. Those flavors carry over to the palate with a bit of acidity. This wine is best served lightly chilled.

These are my three wine picks for the month. As you can see they’re all natural of organic wines. I think you may be seeing more of these wines on the blog in the future. Enjoy and let me know what you think. Until next time…glasses up!




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  1. Pat says:

    Do you know any moscatos to try

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